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Client Testimonies - David Olson

Mac, VP Operations, Global Construction Services (AL) 

“David has done a great job helping our company establish a true culture of recognition. We are only a few months into implementation and already we are seeing increased results!” 

Ron, CEO, Manufacturing (PA) 

"I was impressed with David the first time we met at a local Manufacturing Resource Function. I hired David shortly thereafter to help with HR—he helped develop tools that improved communication with our employees and a way to measure their satisfaction working for our family business. David has also engaged with our Sales Team and is doing the same great things with this group. I strongly recommend David, he knows what he is doing and is excellent with people." 

Jeremy, Vice President, Technology (FL) 

"As entrepreneurs, we realized we needed proper strategic planning for our growing business. After careful thought and research, we decided to hire David to help us navigate the process. David followed a strict process that guaranteed results, while still remaining flexible enough to allow us to explore and apply our strengths." 

Ron, Director, Auto (PA) 

"David Olson has provided our company with an outstanding product, great results and tremendous support in assisting us with achieving our business goals. I would recommend David Olson to any business that is striving to be the best." 


Ed, Mayor, Municipality (PA) 

"In early 2012, on the eve of the city of Allentown’s 250th birthday we had little time (6+ months) to get the celebration back on track and to deliver a fun and memorable experience for the Lehigh Valley. I invited David to take over the reins and he immediately brought the much needed leadership our celebration was missing. He coordinated a group of volunteers, identified a celebration theme and brand, fashioned a celebration weekend with magnificent events, developed an event website, created and implemented an advertising campaign, engaged community partners, built a YouTube publicity production, launched commemorative products, and oversaw the entire celebration budget. I am delighted that David served our city as a partner to honor Allentown in an admirable and commendable manner. David is truly is an asset to any organization looking for leadership to drive results." 


Randy, Senior Pastor, Non-Profit (PA) 

"Thank you for consulting with us. The result of our time together has produced much fruit. Our staff has undergone several needful transitions. We have hired many key leadership positions as a result, all of which are high-capacity leaders with a wealth of experience. Because of your council and advice, our church has experienced many changes." 

Fred, Vice President, Banking (PA) 

"We worked with David to enhance our likelihood of providing appropriate recognition of the efforts of team members. The concepts behind the Recognition PRO™ Culture Change Program are well-supported by years of study of organization behavior. As simple as it is to provide the positive reinforcement of recognizing positive performance it simply does not occur as frequently as needed. The Recognition PRO™ Culture Change Program makes it easier to execute and deliver. Dave and his team were great to work with." 

Cynthia, Director, Healthcare (KS) 

"We are currently implementing Culture Change and David is holding our hands every step of the way. He is great to work with and we are excited to be moving forward towards recognizing our employees in a meaningful ways." 

John, Principal, Real Estate (PA) 

"David is a very focused and detailed individual, two important traits when consulting a company. He is an excellent communicator and, very importantly, he knows how to deal with emotions, conflict in a productive way not allowing these issues to impede progress." 


Rob, CEO, Wholesale Distribution (MD) 

"David has been a valued advisor to our firm for the past decade and helped us with various projects, from Internal Business Evaluation, Strategic Planning, and even Executive recruitment." 

Angelo, Director, Publishing (NY) 

"David is a man of integrity who listens to your needs and then develops a strategy to move you forward and helps you implement that strategy." 


Terry, President, Industrial Rental (IL) 

"We used David several times to both facilitate and provide leadership programs for our peer group meetings. We found David to be well organized and prepared to make our meetings very productive." 


Andy, Vice President, Technology (PA) 

"David's been a huge help to us for the past few months. Sometimes you need an "outside opinion", and David was perfect for that job. He's helped us to articulate the true value that we can offer to clients. I'd highly recommend David's executive consulting skills to any company!" 


Jack, President/CEO, Manufacturing (PA) 

"We have had a working relationship with David for about 5 years now. He is our premier vendor for clients of ours looking to improve their corporate culture. We get regular feedback from our clients about the great success of working with David. Over the years, we have engaged him directly with our organization, and he has become a trusted adviser. I look forward to a continued long-term beneficial relationship to both us and our clients. I’m a fan and recommend David on a regular basis." 


Paul, President/CEO, Manufacturing (PA) 

"David is quite simply masterful at helping my company get to the source of its’ internal cultural problem issues. In helping both the employees and the owner (me) identify and work through these issues, he has been able to help us to move towards a happier and more productive workforce." 


Dan, President/CEO, Industrial Services (PA) 

"I’ve always “took something home” from David Olson’s discussions to groups of CEO’s and other company management on the subject of culture development and business growth. This year, we had the pleasure of working with David “first hand” on a Culture Enhancement Project for one of our Companies and we’re very pleased with the results". 


Greg, Director, Municipality (PA) 

"David has done an excellent job helping us to improve our culture at the Department of Parks & Recreation for the City of Allentown. I’ve been very impressed by the products and professionalism we’ve received and highly recommend their services to others interested in improving their work environment." 


Bridget, President/CEO, Rental Industry (PA) 

"David assisted me and my business in structuring a comprehensive bonus plan for management and staff. David is wonderful to work with and really works to understand and know your business, while helping your business grow and improve. David offers ideas, improvements, and experience in all aspects of business from management to finances. I would highly recommend his services and experience to any business owner looking for help in growing and improving their business." 

Robert, Vice President, Publishing (NY) 


“On behalf of our organization I want to thank you for conducting a search that resulted in adding such an outstanding professional to our staff team. She promises to contribute dramatically to our future success. Thank you for listening so carefully to my concerns about not only credentials but “fit” as well. You made the process absolutely painless for me during a season when my time was particularly limited. David, again, thank you for your excellent work. It has been a pleasure working with you.  You have delivered consistently good results on special projects for our organization."


Bob, CEO, Technology (FL) 

“David possessed the necessary expertise, enthusiasm, and out of the box thinking to help define my corporate strategic goals, strategies and tactics. David's innate ability allowed him to quickly understand our company, assess our needs, and formulate accurate and concise direction. His service is invaluable! I highly recommend David Olson.” 


Len, CEO, Engineering (FL) 

“David is very reasonable, pragmatic, full of ideas, and a pleasure to work with. I am very optimistic that the consulting will have a very positive influence on our company culture and bottom line. I think it has been money well spent.” 


Steve, CEO, Facilities (FL) 

“There is no question David has helped our company greatly. The ongoing relationship has been very productive and pleasant. It has helped us to keep on track toward reaching our strategic goals.” 


Jim, President, Financial, (PA) 

“David has been on retainer with our firm for better than a year-and-a-half and is doing a great job helping us to catch up with our incredible growth from the last five years, and to plan well for our next five years.” 


Rod, CEO, Technology (PA) 

“David worked with my company to help develop a plan to move us forward. We still rely on the results of his work to guide us in our decision making. I found him to be bright, articulate, and very detail oriented.” 


Mark, Senior Pastor, Non-Profit (FL) 

“David helped to shape our thinking so that we could take a more strategic approach to our mission. He helped us to redefine what our mission was, using our own DNA rather than just borrowing from the ideas of other like-minded organizations. He helped us to focus our resources and bring our organization into better alignment. He also helped us to identify core strengths and weaknesses and to help move us from theory to practical planning. David has remained a friend of our organization, long after his job was completed. I highly recommend him.” 


Joe, President, Publishing (PA) 

“David is a very good thought leader. He has the ability to help you clarify and focus your strategic vision and to develop and to implement practical, cost-effective solutions, which enable you to meet your stated business objectives.” 


Douglas, Vice President, Financial (PA) 

“I have worked with David as he has provided consulting services to my present company, and my most recent past company. David provides excellent value. He is a great facilitator in that he can take the talent present within a company and effectively assist that company in helping them become much more productive and focused. My current company has a great team, and he is methodically and effectively leading the team to be a more focused, effective, mission and vision oriented, successful company. My former company presented a great challenge to David as he was presented with an untenable, dysfunctional group of individuals. David worked effectively and candidly with a group that in the end simply did not want to improve. David provided great advice and counsel. He knew when he could no longer add value and backed away. I have great respect for David for how he worked in both situations. He has impeccable integrity, great focus, creativity, and the candor needed to assist an executive team to greater effectiveness.” 


Charlie, Director, Publishing (NY) 

“I worked with David on multiple consulting engagements over a 4 year period ranging from executive recruiting to strategic implementation to organizational development. I found him to be diligent, productive, analytically challenging and a wise council to me on many organizational issues and decisions. David collaborated with me in developing and implementing several strategic plans which lead to successful outcomes within the organization. Over that period, we experienced numerous success stories as David in essence became a member of our management team and helped the organization to establish and maintain an aggressive, esprit de corps focus. I would have no reservations about engaging David again if and when the opportunity arises.” 


Ralph, Director, Manufacturing (PA) 

“Dave is one of my most dependable and professional resources to call upon for business consulting assignments. I strongly recommend Dave and his complete range of services.” 


Britt, Vice President, Industrial Rental (FL) 

“David fully engages in the company and me. There is no doubt that I have David's full attention to address the challenges and concerns I have at any given time. He has great ability to pull me out of the weeds and help me objectively look at the issue/challenge/objective that I face and to help me find the solution/game plan/goal etc.” 


Stuart, CEO, Telecom (FL) 

“David has been a great help advising me on strategic planning and implementation.” 


Dave, President, Financial (PA) 

“David has been a tremendous help to our company. His focus on big picture strategies and his attention to detail make him the perfect ally.” 


Brian, Vice President, Industrial Rental (CA) 

“David did a great job facilitating the Peer Group with great advice, and the ideas brought home and implemented have brought our company value.” 


Bruce, COO, Home Construction (FL) 

“David conducted an Executive Search and presented two excellent candidates. We ultimately hired one who has become a valuable member of our Executive Group.”


Robert, President, Telecom (PA) 

“We have worked with David on numerous projects and will continue to do so. His insight and 3rd party input have been very helpful.” 



Michael, CFO, Manufacturing (VA) 

“I trust David's opinion and to be a man of his word. He has a solutions based approach to his work.” 

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